I want to go out in the sun but im enjoying listening to this really loud and sitting around in my lounge pants too much

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The best version there is

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This is a good hangover album

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I always forget how good this album is

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This song makes me feel like I’m in a Tarantino moive. i love it

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the soundtrack to my morning

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Looking back to my blog, I haven’t posted on here for 8 months and I was half way into a series of reviews of the best five bands I have ever seen.

Here is the rest…

In at number three - Gallows

If you read the last review I posted all those months ago, you would know I was one of the lucky 60,000 who got free tickets to see Rage Against The Machine back in 2009. At the time I was listening to Gallows a lot, so you could imagine my excitement when I heard they would be opening the show.

Straight form the first song on their set list they had the crowd jumping, moshing and even screaming “FUCK YOU!” and booing at Justin Bieber. They seemed to doing things their own way, not giving a damn what people think. But this seemed to work. the crowd were going crazy for them. This was my first time seeing a Hardcore Punk band and I think It changed my whole view on the genre. Not a day goes by when I don’t pick up my Ipod and ram a bit of Hardcore in my ears.

Although this set was incredible, it doesn’t beat the time I saw them in a small venue in Plymouth called White Rabbit. This small venue in a bus station has a capacity of just a few hundred, which was a huge contrast to the 60,000 strong crowd I saw them with in London a few months before. Some how the Plymouth crowd, just 1% of the number of gig goers in London, were louder, a lot more active and defiantly more drunk. There was a pit that filled the whole club as debrea feel on everyones head due to people hanging from the ceiling. There is only a small stage In the White Rabbit but Frank Carter and the rest of the Gallows guys made use of every inch of the stage. Jumping around, climbing speakers and walking across the bar. 

It’s a shame Frank has now left Gallows. He was one of the best front men to one of the best live bands you could ever see.

check out the the rest of the list so far. 



These guys would be deadly

These guys would be deadly

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I wan’t this game!

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Song of the day

Descendents - I’m the One

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Haven’t been on here for a very long time. I think I’m going to start posting on here again. 

If you like mediocre posts and stolen art, you will love my blog.

I just made a DigitalRev profile. It seems like a good mix between flickr,twitter and tumblr.

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Now I need this and the X-wing pilot pin up girl.

Now I need this and the X-wing pilot pin up girl.